Enjoy a relaxing time in the fine view open-air baththat overlooks Lake Biwa.

Main building facilities

3rd floor Guest rooms (Japanese-style rooms, suite rooms)
2rd floor Large baths with fine view open-air bath
(25 person-use and 15 person-use; men/women fs times can be rotated)
Banquet halls Ibuki and Hira
(For use by up to 120 people)
1rd floor Restaurant Biwa
Multi-purpose hall Shirahige
Front desk / Lobby
Shop (business hours 8 AM - 10 PM)
Other *Elevator use available

Suite rooms (3rd floor)

The 3rd floor guest rooms command an excellent view of Lake Biwa and pine groves spreading outside the window.

  • suite02

    Twin type bedroom side

  • suite03

    Japanese-style room side

Large baths with fine view open-air bath (2nd floor)


The large bath overlooking the grand Lake Biwa past the pine groves has a radium deposit stone produced from the hot spring source of the Osumi Sarugajyo Hot Springs, which The Japanese Society of Hot Spring Sciences announced to both within and outside Japan as having the world fs highest radon content. The open-air bath overlooks Lake Biwa past the pine groves. Enjoy the magnificent view of nature in both the morning and evening.


The entrance to the large bath has barrier-free access. The large bath and small bath are both organized into a rotation for men and women based on the number of people.

About its use

Available also for use by guests staying in rooms other than the main building.

Men/women rotation 25 person-use/15 person-use
Bathing time 13:00~23:30 / 7:00~9:00
(25 person-use and 15 person-use; men/women fs times can be rotated)
Banquet halls Ibuki and Hira
(For use by up to 120 people)
Amenities Body soap, rinsing shampoo, hair dryer,some cosmetics, cotton swab, razor, fan

For day bath guests

We apologize in advance if the bath is unavailable due to convenience reasons.

Bathing times 1 - 9 PM
Rate Adults: 600 yen / Children: 400 yen / Children under two (Free)
  • openair03

    Both a large bath and a small bath are provided with the fine view open-air bath overlooking the magnificent Lake Biwa.

  • bath04

    Indoor bath (25 person-use)

  • bath05

    Wash station

  • bath06

    Indoor bath (15 person-use)

  • bath07

    Changing room

Anex Oumi


Connecting type Japanese-style room

In order to use the time in the group , you can connect a Japanese-style room to a maximum of 2 rooms .

  • anex03

    Hand wash stand

  • anex04

    Basin bathroom

Western-style : Twin Room

It has become a barrier -free , also available with confidence wheelchair users .

  • anex06

    Please relax comfortably on the sofa

  • anex07


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